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"Blacked Out" Homes- The Newest Trend

by chattanoogapremierhomes-chime-meOctober 09, 2019


“Blacked out” homes have been a new trend grabbing attention on social media everywhere! According to comments, seemingly, viewers seem to LOVE it… 

I personally have been on the fence with this trend. The interior gives it a very relaxed and rather strong elegant appearance. However, is black a color that I could live with every day?

There was a time in the world of trends when homeowners painted their homes according to the effects the paint colors put off. For example, brighter colors were said to of gave off a more stressful environment (some would even say that it would cause headaches) while any dark colors would have given off a more depressing vibe. During that time in the trend world, black walls would have been a huge NO. No doubt. Black walls were unheard of.

Aside from the blacked-out interior giving off an elegant look, Realistically- having kids I can definitely see the ups of having black everything. From the fingerprints, the stains and all the in-between, black is the safest color! (Try having all white everything with kids. Pst. Good luck with that… Everything is a canvas!!!!)

As for the exterior, I think it looks sharp! Gray’s have been used for years and I think someone with a good eye took it a step further (or darker I should say) and it worked.

While the blacked-out home trend has certainly grown on me, there is still something eerie about the thought of swimming in an all-black pool. Some may label it as an irrational fear but I want to see everything I’m swimming with! (Especially if I were a FL resident. Aligators=Yikes) 

What are your thoughts on blacking out homes? Would you live in an all blacked out home? 


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