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The PANCAKE and BACON Donut!

by chattanoogapremierhomes-chime-meOctober 25, 2019


This video started off by Calvin getting up out of his chair saying, “Let’s take a break and get donuts!”. Completely random and out of nowhere…

Scarlett first instantly came back with, “No. Finish your work”. (She’s been really holding Calvin accountable)

Having the constant struggle of coming up with good material for marketing and social media, Scarlett came up with a clever plan… “I’ll go on one condition. You film it”, she said.

So off they were. Calvin took the reigns and is, of course, a natural in front of the camera.


Neither Calvin or Scarlett were actually in the mood for a doughnut to begin with. But THIS. THIS was no ordinary doughnut!

As Calvin said, “It has a super moist texture to it”. Which would typically seem, well, gross. But think about pancakes in syrup… what’s the texture? Damp or “moist” from the syrup.

The bacon pieces on top were from real cooked bacon. You still get that real bacon taste even with a small hence of bacon grease making it nearly impossible to remember that what you’re eating is a doughnut because it also had the same texture as eating pankcakes & bacon without the stickiness of actual syrup.

As Calvin says in the video, both him and Scarlett give this donut TWO thumbs up!

If you like to try new things– Def recommend this one.


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